Go west young man

Again, it has been way too long since I last posted, so I figured that the best way for me to jump start this clunker of a blog was to leave Charleston, journey to some exciting and faraway place, and then blog while I was travelling. So I have done just that, and am blogging, right now, from beautiful Seattle.

My sister has wanted to come here to the emerald city for quite some time, and it doesn’t help that I raved about Seattle after my last visit here, two years ago. In the interest of keeping our sanity, and keeping jobs that don’t easily allow one to take two weeks off for vacation, we decided that we would fly out of Charleston, instead of bussing cross country.

I won’t blog about the flight, because almost all airplane rides are boring, or at the very least, terribly uninteresting to those who were not on said flight. I will say that I was amazed that, regradless of an hour delay getting out of charlotte we arrived earlier than our original arrival time at Sea-Tac.

After that, we caught the metro to downtown Seattle where we met up with our wonderful cousin Lori at her stand in pike place market. We all went out to lunch for some sushi and then went our separate ways. Elena and I (Elena is my sister if you didn’t guess that yourself) then decided to meander around the city.

We ended up going to the Seattle art museum, (something I didn’t get to do on my last) which was phenomenal. It is a huge museum and every time we thought we were about done, we would discover some other room that led to a whole new wing. Apparently there is another SAM, which is even bigger than this one, so that’s gonna happen sometime on this trip.

We then walked down to pioneer square and back, and that’s really it for “today.” I say “today” because I’m writing these posts offline on my iPod and am planning to update as soon as I have wifi. Luckily, the ubiquity if starbucks and other coffee houses that offer wireless Internet make it hard to find a place that doesn’t have a signal.

Now I realize that this ended up being a long and terribly unintersting post. I promise they will get better, especially when we take a trip north, via train, to Vancouver!


~ by aeqvitas on August 13, 2009.

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