Staff Retreat Scheduled Until 3PM

So every year, the park staff goes out on “Retreat,” and basically this is usually some sort of fun activity where we explore some further expansion in the Agency. Last year the idea was presented to start a disc golf course here at the park, so we went out to the West Ashley Park and played disc golf.

This year we got to bike all over Charleston County Parks newest parcel of land: the Savannah Long Property out by Bees Ferry. The idea was to bike out on some of this pristine area, and be done by about 3 o’clock. Unfortunately, no amount of planning can account for getting lost in the wetlands.

Apparently, our guide had only been out at the property during the dry season, and had not considered the large amount of rain we received last week.  In an attempt to bypass a large flooded section of the trail, we blazed our own through the wilderness. This proved completely pointless, and we ended up just backtracking our way back to the trail (courtesy of GPS). What was going to be a leisurely 2 hour bike ride, ended up being twice that, and we all ended up biking 7 miles total.

In short, that was, quite possibly, the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Granted, the 7 miles through the woods on a single speed beach cruiser was tougher than biking for 50 miles out in Berkeley County on smooth-ish roads, but I haven’t had the opportunity to just play in the woods in a long long time. I think everyone should take full advantage of the next chance they have to completely ruin a pair of sneakers and an old pair of jeans by disregarding any notion he/she might have that jumping in the mud is a bad thing.

The only sad thing about having so much fun is that it made me realize that CofC oozeball is still dead. :(

~ by aeqvitas on March 22, 2009.

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