Snack Attack!!

So yesterday, Heather and I are sitting around. Heather hasn’t been feeling well lately, which coincided nicely with me just getting over a little bug I had.

The suggestion is then made that we head to the store to get a Snickers bar.

The final checkout did indeed include that Snickers bar, but it also ended up including:

2 (two) Nerds Ropes

1 (one) Snickers Bar – King Size

1 (one) small bag of Raisonettes

1 (one) box of Fire-Roasted Tomatoe Triscuits

1 (one) box of chocolate fudge

2 (two) cadbury creme eggs

1 (one) six-pack of IBC Cherry Limeade

1 (one) six-pack of IBC Tangerine Cream Soda

Now, to answer the questions you surely have. Yes, that is all we got. No, absolutely none of the above has any positive nutitional value. Well the Tricuits might have, but I’m pretty sure that value is negated when you eat the whole box in a sitting. And Yes, Tangerine Cream Soda is EXACTLY as delicious as you would think. I was expecting it to be super super sweet, and was hesitant to drink it, for that reason. But to my surprise, it turned out to be mildly sweet and totally fantastic.


~ by aeqvitas on March 18, 2009.

One Response to “Snack Attack!!”

  1. Tomatoe Triscuits must have some kind of nutritional value.

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