A Quick Update

Hello Dear Reader,

       I realize that I have been a little absent from this blog, and I apologize. For about the last year or so, I have been very lax in my updating (read: almost never doing so). As I wrote the last post, I realized how much I do miss writing frequently. For a spell there I was updating almost daily, and something multiple times in one day. To be honest, the reason for that was because I was bored most of the time.

      Now, however, I am rarely bored. My days are filled, work keeps me busy, and living in West Ashley affords me more opportunities to be outside and active (biking in the warmer months, swimming in the colder months). I have been reading more, which is something I had neglected for a while, much to the detriment of my soul. Before all this, I would spend my time thinking of posts that you, yes you, dear reader, would find interesting. Perhaps you would tell your friends, and then they would tell their friends, and before long I would be an internet sensation(!).

     As you know, this is not what happened (though I was getting more and more hits with each week). I know I’ve posted several  of these “I-haven’t-posted-in-a-while-but-I’m-going-to-start posting-more” posts, but this time I’m serious. Once a week, for sure – once a day, if possible.

     One thing you can look forward to is the possibility of a travel blog this summer. I definitely want to take some kind of trip (I’d love to take a bus somewhere), and the fact that I now own an iPod touch makes on the go blogging much easier (before I had to wait until I got to Wallace, Idaho to use an internet cafe, where the charge for using said internet was my purchase of a boysenberry milkshake – everyone wins). I have until March 31st to take advantage of a special which would allow me to get a round-trip bus ticket to anywhere for 100 bucks – so we’ll see.

      I do ask you, Dearest Reader, to be patient with me as I get back in the swing of updating. These next few posts will likely be duds.


~ by aeqvitas on March 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Quick Update”

  1. *Yawn*

    Welcome back from your slumber. I have an Ipod touch, but couldn’t imagine posting from it…and I have small fingers.

  2. The auto correct feature ok the iPod touch really makes it easier to type faster for me. And I have large unwieldy thumbs.

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