“No Man Takes What’s Mine!”

So I was at Costco about a week back. I was just doing some shopping – groceries and the like, when I spied this in the DVD section:

I had heard about this movie. I had heard it was terrible, bizarre, and poorly acted. I had to have it. This may seem like a bizarre desire, so I should explain myself.

The Fountainhead is a novel by Ayn Rand, an author/philospher, which served as a medium for her to express her philosophy, Objectivism, through characters which lived according to its tenets.

Objectivism is the philosophy that all individuals should be treated as ends, and not means. As Ayn Ran summed it up, Objectivism’s basic ideas can be broken up thusly

Metaphysics: Objective Reality
Epistemology: Reason
Ethics: Self-interest
Politics: Capitalism

The Fountainhead deals with the Ethics part.

Why this interest in the Fountainhead and Ayn Rand? You ask. It was on her philosophy that I wrote my Bachelor’s Essay. I find Objectivism to be a very logical and (seemingly) paradoxically heartfelt and warm philosophy. It’s focus is on the individual working in concert with others, and all are pursuing their own Rational Self Interest, resulting in a semi-utopian society, though that is not the goal.

Soooo I paid 12 dollars and took the Fountainhead DVD home with me. I put off watching it until last night.

It was terrible. Awful. Hilarious. It wasn’t really until after the movie that I realized just how hilarious it was. Unless you have read the book, I doubt that you would even know exactly what is going on. The dialogue is choppy and robotic. The would be “sex” scene is overacted and bizarre (much like the corrosponding scene in the book in that case).

Basically, it’s hard to realize just how unrealistic the dialogue in the novel is until you see it acted out on screen.

A much much better version of the novel can be found here.

~ by aeqvitas on July 21, 2008.

5 Responses to ““No Man Takes What’s Mine!””

  1. I’ve got this film queued up on my LoveFilm list. It’s probably gonna arrive in a week or two.

    I was already expecting it was going to suck pretty bad, after seeing the trailer. I mean, that is NOT Roark, and that certainly isn’t Dominique. Ayn Rand was a wonderful Philosopher and Writer, but had some funny ideas about what a film should look like.

    Is it just a matter of modern standards, I mean are all films of that era like this, or is this truly just a bad film?

  2. It’s really just a bad film. But the main reasons are the dialogue (screenplay written by Ayn Rand) and the poor acting. Gary Cooper is not Howard Roark.

    If you’ve read the book, and enjoyed it, you’ll probably still like the movie since you’ll know what’s really going on. But every ounce of melodrama in the book is condensed into 2 hours.

  3. We have a local radio guy here that speaks of Ayn Rand nearly everyday. For a philosophy guy, this would really be right up your alley.

    With the brood of children around here…it is hard to read ANYTHING, let alone something thought provoking.

  4. Whatever happened to normal impulse buys…like candy or chapstick on sale, 2 for a dollar?!

    Also, I went to Costco today with the parents. They bought me new glasses. I am excited.

  5. MTE, What kind of radio guy is that? I’ve met lots of people who are REALLY into Ayn Rand, almost all are weird.

    Mom already told me about the glasses. CONGRATULATIONS!! :)
    and since when is chapstick an impulse buy? (I do impulsively buy Peanut M&M’s everynow and then.)

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