Fun with Real Estate Contracts, Legal Ethics, and Civil Procedure

Here it is, the long awaited post regarding my current educational endeavors. It seems odd that I should list it second in the title of the blog, yet it is only now that I am mentioning it. Please…forgive me.

I am currently enrolled at Trident Technical College in their paralegal program. As a recent graduate from an accredited four year institution with a degree in philosophy (in case you didn’t read the subtitle to the blog) this is indeed a step down. In no way do I feel like this is a difficult program, and it’s nice to have that feeling that I can just coast through and add one more little bonus to my resume. Now, before you get worried, I am not going to write in excruciating detail about each of my classes. I do however just want to make some quick points regarding the program as a whole:

– almost all of the instructors are lawyers.

– a good number of lawyers are obnoxious.

– a good number of instructors are obnoxious.

– the paralegal field is (apparently) a female dominated profession.

– the same is said for the paralegal program at TTC. (I am one of three guys in each class of about 25)

– I have around a 100 average in the program overall right now.

Now just because I’m sailing through this field of study does not mean that I’m not learning a whole lot, because I am. “What have I learned?” you ask…begrudgingly.

– There are three branches of government, and each one serves as a check and a balance to the other two. (I’m not kidding – that’s what I “learned” in my first class)

– How a bill becomes a law, (Again…not kidding) and how Schoolhouse Rock! pretty much got it down pat.

– It is not unethical for a lawyer to sleep with his client – provided that it does not affect his objectivity in handling the case (now this I did not know).

– many other boring legal things.

I am enjoying the program…and am realizing that this is the most boring post I’ve ever done. I’m gonna go ahead and stop and post something at least mildly amusing in my next post.


~ by aeqvitas on November 21, 2007.

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